French Nightclubs Burned Down in War Between Nudists, Swingers

Neatly following on from my previous post “Can we have our Nudist back please” comes news that night-clubs on the Cap d’Agde “nudist” complex have been torched, allegedly by genuine naturists who have become incensed at the antics of the échangistes, or swingers, who they feel are taking over the resort.

Cap d’ Agde has always enjoyed a reputation for a certain raciness, but it seems that the sexual licence has gone too far. Whatever the motive and whoever is responsible for the arson attacks, if that is what they were, it is clear that once again genuine naturists fear that their traditional haunts are being stolen from them by  groups with a more sexual agenda. ( See here also).

However, the swinging set tend to be younger and more free-spending. Clubs and resorts are commercial ventures, and can’t be blamed for trying to maximise profits.

Maybe the time has come to draw a line in the sand, to “give us back our nudist”. Maybe the INF (International Naturist Federation) should bestow an “INF Approved” certification on clubs and other entities which meet agreed nudist standards, and withhold it from those that don’t. This would go someway to distinguishing between us and the so called “nudists” with a sexual agenda, and be a clear signal that we were trying to put space between us. At least it might force the more dubious “nudist” groups, clubs and resorts to reveal where their true interests lie.

One caveat though. Genuine naturists don’t tend to be big spenders and good quality nudist resources are expensive to build and maintain. Many successful clubs and resorts have been subsidised for years by a discreetly risqué minority, but an “Approved ” certification would put a stop to this.  It would be up to us genuine naturists to dig into our pockets to support them. Use them or lose them.

Are we up to it?


Can we have our “nudist”back please?

Tony and Lenore Fox, owners of The White Cockatoo Resort.

Tony and Lenore Fox, owners of The White Cockatoo Resort.

The owners of The White Cockatoo Club in Queensland Australia- once billed as the nation’s top-spot for group sex and swingers -are planning an adults-only month of hedonism for March next year in a bid to increase dwindling tourist numbers.

Tony and Lenore Fox said the resort was close to being booked out.

“Tough economic times call for stiff measures,” Mr Fox was quoted as saying. “We’re not using the words sex or swingers, but it doesn’t take rocket science to work out what it means.”

Since taking over the resort some years ago the owners have attracted a certain amount of controversy and this isn’t the first time the resort has hit the headlines.

Three years ago, it put a ban on swingers’ parties after a string of out-of-control romps between couples and groups.

Although the plan has the support of Cairns Regional Mayor Val Schier, it has enraged Australian nudists.

“This is going to fly in the face of years of campaigning,” said Lindsay Parkyns, president of the Australian Nudist Federation. “We try to get beaches to be clothes optional but unfortunately that attracts the wrong sort of people – particularly single guys looking for sex – and [the resort’s party] will keep reinforcing that problem.”

I share Mr Parkyns concerns but with respect I think he is trying to hit the wrong ball and in doing so has made matters worse.

The White Cockatoo Club doesn’t claim to be a “nudist” club. It is not affiliated to the Australian Nudist Federation, the INF or any other official naturist body. Its website makes it clear that it is a commercial resort catering to three distinct markets, nudist, family and adults only, (which is an interesting business model but a potential source of great embarrassment should you get your dates mixed up!), and to call it a nudist resort because it sometimes opens up its facilities to nudists is like calling the US Air Force a charity because it sometimes drops aid parcels to the needy.

In fact the only people calling the White Cockatoo a nudist resort are the press,and, inadvertently by implication, Mr Parkyns.

The problem is that we’ve lost control of the words nudist and naturist. Nearly every sex and swingers club on the Internet calls itself nudist, as do sites featuring explicit nude photos, exhibitionism, voyeurism and who knows what else. Neither the media nor the general public draws a distinction between them and genuine nudist resources. “Nudist” has become a convenient peg on which to hang all sorts of deviant behaviour, and genuine nudists have suffered by association.

Instead of railing against those resorts who are merely trying to stay in business in difficult times, we should distance ourselves from them and make it quite clear that though they, or the media may call themselves nudist, they are in fact nothing to do with us.

It’s high time time we reclaimed the term “nudist’ for ourselves.

Women’s Pubic Hair Determines Personality?

According to “pubic hair researcher” Kosai Jumon you can tell a woman’s suitability as a spouse from the shape of her bush.
Jumon’s recently released book “Tamashi Yura Ageman (Rising Fortunes of the Soul)” categorizes womens’ pubic hair , which he calls “The Zone” into five types, each of which purportedly determines its owner’s sexual proclivities.
In an interview with reporter Asahi Geinoin in the recently defunct tabloid Mainichi WaiWai, Jumon explains “Women’s pubic hair is normally shaped like an inverted triangle, but some is oblong or elliptic-shaped.”
Apparently, a husband needs to keep a close eye on his wife if she has “elongated “pubic hair.
“It’s not rare for women with elongated pubic hair to be the types who fall in love at first site and soon become passionate. They’re not the types who’re happy shut up in the home. They may cause those around them to worry about them a little. But that devilish side to them is what makes them so attractive to men.”
But it’s not just the frisky types with elongated pubic hairstyles that need watching. Those with a “mountain delta” shaped bush, where the pattern of the mop “resembles the mouth of a river”, are said to be capable of “hyper-infidelity.”
Something for a husband to watch out for then–if he knew what “elongated” pubes or pubes resembling the mouth of a river looked like. Neither sound very complimentary to me and I think that if someone told me my nether regions resembled the mouth of a river I’d poke ‘em in the eye.
Naturally enough, Jumon’s highest praise is for the Japanese bush.
Jumon claims the average Japanese woman’s pubic hair is a standard-type, which is an inverted triangle where the base extends for 9 centimeters and it runs the same length from top to bottom, with the mean length of hairs being 7.5 centimeters.
“It shows endurance and indicates suitability for married life. They have everything they need for enduring such home-like activities as childbirth, child-raising and caring for their husband or parents. I don’t think it’s saying too much to say that it is these standard-type women who helped raise Japan to glory.”
“A perfect wife has a clearly defined endurance sub-zone and slight traits of a receptivity sub-zone. Put simply, this means she doesn’t care a great deal about things like ethics or morals. A woman with pubic hair like this would be able to bear a lot, but also have a sexual side that allowed for unbridled wantonness. In short, hair like this would indicate a good wife during the day who turns into a whore at night.”
Hmmm…how charming.
Quite how Jumon managed to get funded for such spurious research is beyond me, but let’s hope nobody buys his book. And in the meantime ladies, if you see a Japanese man on a nudist beach making notes about your crotch, explain to him that every woman resents being patronised – whatever the shape of her thatch.

Fabulous Nudist trip to Cap d’Agde and South of France

Cap d'Agde. French Nudist City

Cap d

NFN Travel has organized a Mediterranean tour that begins in Nice, France and ends in Cap d’Agde, the Naked City with visits in between to Monte Carlo, Monaco. The tour will be hosted by the congenial Paul and Claudine who have many years experience hosting Mediterranean tours.

The dates are July 14 – 25, 2009  For Bookings or more information go to NFN Travel, click on the “home” tab and select the Cap d’Agde link

Read my impressions of Cap d’Agde on this post.

No to new nudist beaches in Portugal

LAGOS AND Portimão câmaras have rejected applications from the Algarve Naturist Club (ANC) to create naturist areas in the Meia Praia and João d’Arens beaches.

Álvaro Campos, president of ANC, is protesting against the decisions. However, Lagos Câmara has agreed to the possible legalisation of Pinheiros beach for naturists. more…

Nude Beach causes tempers to rise!

So German nudists are upset by Polish peepers, who are outraged about German nudists!

And all because a fence separating the German and Polish sides of a Baltic beach has been removed to allow freedom of access to both communities.

And I thought nudism broke down barriers and brought people together!

Caliente attracts swingers

Caliente nudist resort, FloridaAccording to The Tampa Tribune, nudist residents at the upscale Caliente Nudist Resort are up in arms over a new marketing strategy to attract “swingers” to the resort.

Until its recent suspension by the American Association for Nude Recreation, Caliente had an excellent reputation as a family-friendly nudist resort, and residents are concerned that the progress made trying to convince others that nudism has nothing to do with sex will be now be fatally undermined by the new direction.

We’ve long campaigned for a distinction between sex and nudism and can indentify with their point of view.

On the other hand, we’ve also campaigned long and hard for the provision of top-class facilities for nudists, and to their credit, the Caliente management have been prepared to make the enormous financial commitment to provide and maintain just such a high-standard resource. However, simple economics require that such a commitment is matched by a generous level of spending by the guests and residents, and if this isn’t forthcoming the management are faced with the choice of looking elsewhere for revenue, ( and the “swinger” element tends to be younger and more free with their cash), or closing the resort down.

There are many who believe that the nudist way of life is incompatible with a self-indulgent lifestyle, and they may have a point. But the resort companies are not charities. They will only provide great facilities if we nudists are prepared to pay for them. So we must use them or lose them. The choice is ours.