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Go Nudist’s Guide To Free Nudist Beaches – Tambaba Beach, Brazil

Another of the world’s notable nudist beaches

Tambaba Nudist Beach, Paraíba N.East Brazil

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Tambaba Nudist Beach, BrazilTambaba , 45km south of Joao Pessoa, is the only nudist beach in north-east Brazil, and is regularly voted one of the top 10 beaches in the country.
Situated in an area of great natural beauty, the 600 metre, palm dotted, sandy beach is backed by steep cliffs up to 20 meters high, which can make access difficult but which deter the casual gawker. The sea is crystal clear, quiet, with small waves and always warm. In some places, during the low tide, small natural swimming pools are formed, which are excellent for children. There is a permanent breeze
The beach is divided into two areas. One is open to everyone, and clothing is optional. The other is restricted to families and couples and nudism is obligatory.
The region enjoys a tropical hot, semi-humid climate. The annual average temperature remains around 24º C, with a maximum of 30º C and minimum of 21º C.

In September 2008, Tambaba will host the 31st INF World Naturist Congress.


Tambaba is about 40 km South of João Pessoa on the Atlantic coast of Brazil.

  • Take the PB-008 south from João Pessoa (this is the highway which passes right beside the Cabo Branco Lighthouse)
  • Keep on driving about 30 km to Jacumã and then another 10 km to Tambaba.
  • Alternatively, from João Pessoa get onto Federal BR-101
  • Head South for about 15 km
  • Take the State PB-018, which will cut across the city of Conde and will eventually reach the beach of Jacumã (about 16 km from the BR-101);
  • From there, take State PB-008, for another 10 km south to Tambaba.

There is a small parking area at the beach.

Nearest air / rail links. João Pessoa’s Castro Pinto International Airport (IATA: JPA – ICAO: SBJP) receives daily flights from most Brazilian capitals. From there you can take an inter-state bus and then continue to Tambaba, in Conde District.

Public transport. You can get regular ( and cheap ) buses from João Pessoa to Conde, and from there take the local bus to Jacumã and Tambaba.
It is easy to find taxis for hire in the Tambaú area of João Pessoa willing to do this trip. Prices and conditions are negotiable.


There is a bar / restaurant on the nudist only section of the beach, and there are variously sized (and priced!) hotels next to the beach itself.
The nearest town of Conde is small, but offers all the usual facilities and has a good range of restaurants, bars, hotels and accommodation



Who goes there:

In the summer there are hundreds of visitors from other parts of Brazil and from around the world.
In September 2008, Tambaba will host the 31st INF World Naturist Congress, so expect it to get very crowded.

Other nearby attractions:

Recife 115 km south is the 4th largest city in Brazil, and it might be considered as the capital of the northeast with more than 2 million inhabitants. Recife is also known as “the Venice of Brazil”.

Olinda Due to its exciting past, its beautiful and important architectural and cultural heritage as well as its outstanding natural beauty and its unique topography the town became a National Monument of Brazil in 1980 and 2 years later was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
Today, Olinda is one of Brazil’s most popular tourist sights visited by people from all over the world. They love its natural and cultural beauties, its grand festivals, above all its Carnival with its outsize puppets.

João Pessoa 40 km north is the first city to receive the sun rays on the American Continent, at the beach of Ponta do Seixas. It is the state capital of Paraiba and is Brazil’s 3rd oldest town is situated in the northeast of Brazil, 150 km from Recife.
According to the United Nations, João Pessoa is considered to be the world’s 2nd most tree-covered city, with many parks.

More information:

The best time to visit Tambaba nudist beach is between October and May, when temperature is higher and the sea acquires a beautiful colour. Between the months of May and August, the rain makes access to the beach difficult as the 9 km connecting the beach to Jacumã resort are of soft sand.

A noticeboard situated on the approaches to Tambaba contains a long list of rules and regulations which are strictly enforced. These are basically the common sense strictures against nuisance, indecency and environmental vandalism which are found world-wide, but Tambaba goes a step further.

At Tambaba nudist beach,

  • Nudity is compulsory in the nudist area.
  • Men are not allowed in the nudist section unless accompanied by a woman. Lesbian couples are permitted but gay male couples are not (unless accompanied by women)

Dogs or other pets are not allowed.

GoNudist says…

The compulsory nudity rule and the exclusion of single men make this a very popular destination for nudist families and other nudists who are worried about voyeurs or a male dominated beach. Whilst the single man rule does seem unfair and discriminatory, single male nudists are allowed on the adjacent clothing-optional section, so they needn’t feel too excluded. The mandatory nudity on the nudist section is an excellent idea which should be swiftly adopted worldwide.

All in all an excellent, if sometimes crowded, little beach.

Tambab nudist Beach, Brazil

Do you know this nudist beach? Is it nudist family friendly? Is it suitable for the infirm or disabled Please help us help the nudist community and make any helpful additions or corrections or comments.

Happy New Year, but take care where you go bare!

Danger. Take care where you go bare!

danger. weird nudist laws


Oh dear, the old head’s still hurting a bit as a result of accidentally quaffing large amounts of alcohol during a fairly riotous New Year’s Eve celebration in Gloucestershire.

Not that it was my fault of course; I blame my hosts. I mean, put a weak and naive young lady such as myself, who has led a hitherto sheltered and blameless life, in front of a bar which stretched into the next county, and what can you expect?

Therefore they must shoulder the entire blame for the incident later that night when I received a caution from the local bobby for riding my host’s bicycle round the village green at three AM dressed only in boots, knickers (with snazzy Christmas tree motif) and a Santa Claus hat.

My recollection of that night is a little hazy, but I remember that the officer was perfectly charming, although my hosts suffered agonies the next day expecting a knock on the door from the local police force.

Serve ’em right for leading me to the demon drink I say.

Not that they weren’t right to be worried mind you. According to British law, I- who committed the deed – would not have been prosecuted unless a member of the public had complained, but they – who had done nothing – could be prosecuted on the spot for keeping a “disorderly house”

Which is a bit strange if you ask me, but then the law is an ass sometimes, especially in connection with nudity. Just take a look at these examples, which I’ve reproduced courtesy of Scott Roeben, at (Incidentally, this is a fascinating site for whiling away a few hours. Check it out.)

For instance, did you know that…

  • Female breasts,” according to the Arizona Supreme Court, don’t constitute “private parts” under state law.
  • In China, women are prohibited from walking around a hotel room in the nude. A woman may be naked only while in the bathroom.
  • In Oxford, Ohio, it’s illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man’s picture.
  • Women can sell items and be topless in Liverpool, England-but only in tropical fish stores.
  • Bozeman, Montana, has a law that bans all sexual activity between members of the opposite sex in the front yard of a home after sundown-if they’re nude.
  • In Norfolk, Virginia, a woman can’t go out without wearing a corset. (There was a civil-service job-for men only-called a corset inspector.)
  • However, in Merryville, Missouri, women are prohibited from wearing corsets because “the privilege of admiring the curvaceous, unencumbered body of a young woman should not be denied to the normal, red-blooded American male.”
  • Another law in Helena, Montana, mandates that a woman can’t dance on a table in a saloon or bar unless she has on at least three pounds, two ounces of clothing.
  • Women aren’t allowed to wear patent-leather shoes in Cleveland, Ohio, as a man might see the reflection of something he ought not!
  • In Hastings, Nebraska, the owner of every hotel is required to provide each guest with a clean and pressed nightshirt. No male and female-even if they are married-may sleep together in the nude.
  • Censorship laws in Brazil are strict. Photos of women attired in bikinis or short-shorts are banned. And no more than one bare female breast may legally be shown on any given page of a newspaper, magazine, book, or other publication.
  • Don’t try to fool around while skinny-dipping anywhere near Georgetown, Guyana. Getting caught while bathing in the nude is punishable with a coat of fresh paint! The bathers are then taken to the outskirts of Georgetown and left to fend for themselves.
  • Cautin Province in Chile has an edict banning the hanging on the walls of Playboy centerfolds and other sexy pinups in any home or public building. The reason ? “It’s more worthwhile to admire a good landscape than a photograph of a naked woman.”
  • In Syria, a man is forbidden to “look at the body of a woman who is not his wife under any circumstances. It is also forbidden for a woman to look at the body of a man who is not her husband. It is forbidden to look at the genitals of others, even in the mirror or in a pool’s reflection.”
  • Egypt has legislation that prohibits a woman from belly dancing unless her navel is covered with gauze. Technically, then, according to this law, a female in Egypt may dance in public while wearing absolutely nothing more than a piece of gauze on her belly button.
  • The law in Doha, Qatar, requires that if a naked Muslim woman is surprised by a man while bathing or dressing, she must first cover her face, not her body.
  • Bikini car washes (where women wash cars topless) are prohibited in most US states, but the fine is only $50 per incident, so car washes charge an extra $50 to recoup their legal costs.
  • Florida prohibits topless walking or running within a 150 foot zone between the beach and the street.
  • In Winnipeg, it is against the law to go naked in your own home if you leave the blinds up.
  • In Carrizozo New Mexico, females are strictly forbidden to appear unshaven in public – including legs and face.
  • And last but not least, in Thailand it is illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear…

By the way. I personally have not checked the validity or otherwise of any of these laws, so I accept no responsibility if they’re incorrect or out of date.

What I mean is, for instance, if you own a tropical fish shop in Liverpool and decide to serve your customers topless on the basis of what you’ve just read, that’s up to you.
But if you get arrested don’t go blaming me- I’m in enough trouble down in Gloucestershire.

Have a great nudist new year!